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Once again, it is our pleasure to catch up on the goings-on of the day and get you up-to-speed on the news. Find out why Chance the Rapper has reason to celebrate, take a look at XXL's review for Drake and Future's new collab and watch a video of Azealia Banks going off on a flight attendant. Also, check out a classic KING gallery featuring Ela Pasion.

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    Azealia Banks Yells Homophobic Slur at Flight Attendant


    Azealia Banks was on a flight traveling from New York to Los Angeles on Monday night when she got into an argument with a flight attendant. During the altercation, she called the attendant a "f---ing f----t."

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    Teenagers Arrested While Filming Rap Video with Loaded Guns


    Four Detroit teens were arrested after neighbors complained that they were running around and shooting loaded weapons into the air. It turns out that they were shooting a music video and decided to use an assault rifle and three handguns for their project.

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    Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's Relationship Started While Meek was in Jail


    Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are known as one hip-hop's premier couples. During an interview with GQ, the couple was asked about how their relationship started while Meek was in prison.

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    Drake and Future Shine Bright on 'What a Time to be Alive'


    XXL has reviewed the latest collaboration between Drake and Future, What a Time to be Alive. They go in-depth to identify what makes the project shine and how each artist contributes to the album.

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    Chance the Rapper Welcomes Baby Girl

    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Chance the Rapper took to Instagram to announce that he's just become a father. The 22-year-old rapper shared the joyous news but still asked that the public give his family some privacy.

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