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We hope you're having a good week so far and are gearing up for a great Fourth of July weekend. Catch up on today's news and take a breather. Find out why Talib Kweli is mad at Instagram, learn why Kid Ink has a reason to celebrate and see what Eminem has to say about boxing and the movie, Southpaw. Also, check out a classic KING gallery featuring Dawn Richard.

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    Dawn Richard

    Classic KING Interview

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    15 Reasons India Love is One of the Sexiest Women on the Internet

    India Love Instagram

    Today's XXL Eye Candy features India love, the 19-year-old hottie who's been linked to Soulja Boy and The Game. See her incredible body on display.

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    50 Cent Clowns Sha Money XL for Failing to Pay Bobby Shmurda's Bail

    Kidd Kidd was nabbed by the police before his performance at the Best Buy Theater in New York. 50 Cent decided to entertain the fans by going on stage instead and called out Sha Money XL for failing to bail out Bobby Shmurda.

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    Eminem Says His New Song "Phenomenal" Reminds Him of One of His Old Ones

    Apple Music has officially launched, and with it, an interview with Eminem on Beats 1 Radio. He discusses the upcoming movie, Southpaw, and his new song, "Phenomenal", which appears on the soundtrack.

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    Kid Ink is Engaged

    Kid Ink Instagram

    Rapper Kid Ink has just made public the fact that he's gotten engaged to Asiaz Azante. The rapper proposed last month but let the public know today with some posts on social media.

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    Talib Kweli Calls Out Instagram for Deleting His Post About Racism

    Getty Images

    Talib Kweli posted a picture on Instagram that had an image of a white man holding a Confederate flag out of a car, with a sign that said, "N----ER GO HOME." Instagram removed this image because of their community standards and Talib did not like that at all.