Let me preface this post by saying, no one has ever had to convince me to take up with a black woman. I've been into black women since I've been into women, which is basically my whole life. The first girl I ever had a crush on is a black woman. Wifey, a black woman. My ex-girlfriends, black women. Jump offs, black women. So my record speaks for itself.

Now that we got that out the way, let's get to the issue at hand. Specifically, the latest issue of KING Magazine, and our current cover girl, Kim Kardashian. If you roll over to the comments section of the page where we posted the cover, you'll notice the numerous amount of people who are hating on us for putting a "white" (or as I prefer to say, non-African-American) woman on the cover. While there certainly are a handful of noteworthy arguments against what we have done, the majority of people who are upset sound like bumbling idiots.

The haters who have gathered around this latest issue of KING Magazine fall into two categories. Black women who think KING has just put the nail in the coffin that is their eligibility and Black men who want to act like we have just disrespected all the beautiful black women who deserve to be featured. Since these are two entirely different camps, I will address both individually.

Angry Black Woman

It's really quite simple, those of you cry foul and act like we have just made it that much harder to find a good black man by pedestaling this piece of white meat were probably already hard pressed to find a good black man. Reggie Bush and Ray J are the type of people who read our magazine. Not you ladies. Reggie Bush and Ray J have both had relations with Kim Kardashian, so the way I see it, putting Kim on the cover just makes sense business wise. Also, go to ybf.blogspot.com, go to bossip.com. Look at all those sites frequented by women like you all, and see what kind of fire Kim Kardashian starts. She gets you all to talk, even if it's only a conversation about why you're having a conversation about her.

Ironically, the same black women who are upset by the this month's cover girl are also the same women who, chances are, were not down with us last month when we had Karrine Steffans, a black woman, on the cover. Nor were you down the month before when we had Kelly Rowland on the cover. Those times, the hate was different. So first you all complain about women like Kim, the lil one, being on our cover because of what she represents. Now we get another Kim on our cover, and you complain about her complexion? You all sound like the same women who were saying O.J. was wrong for marrying a white woman when he was really wrong for killing her. You see, there's nothing wrong with hating, but when your hate is inconsistent, your argument begins to lose credibility. If you have a problem with KING that specifically has to do with our using black women to sell sex, then stay mad at that because that won't ever change, but to complain about the complexion of this month's cover girl is an argument that will be shut down as soon as the next issue with a black woman on the cover comes out
Angry Black Man

To all my self-righteous brothas complaining about how we passed up tons of beautiful black woman for this one white girl, please quit acting like you always bought KING because of your unequivocal devotion to the beauty of black women. That dog don't hunt. I see some brothas say we're trying to take the hood out of the magazine, or KING is trying to be like Maxim. Guess what? King was always modeled after Maxim. Shit, King has jokingly been called Blaxim since it came into existence. And this is not to say we're trying to be like Maxim, it's just to say, we know that formula can be done with black and latina women. Not just white women. So that's what we have always done. And as far as the 'hood is concerned? Maybe you should be more worried about taking yourself out of the hood and less worried about the hood being taken out of a magazine.
But certainly you can't expect for any intelligent woman to buy your defense of black women by supporting King. It's like saying you buy Playboy to read the articles. Sure, that's true. I know that's why I buy Playboy, and before I even worked at King, I appreciated the journalism that came in between the doses of eye candy, but I don't confuse my loyalty to black women with my loyalty to KING. Those two things are mutually exclusive.

The fact is, black women should be happy that for once, we found a woman outside of the race who can represent the very thing you all despise about your own sistas. And black men should take the time to demonstrate their love and devotion to black women they encounter in real life circumstances, not in pages of magazine they tack up on their wall. And King fans should keep doing what they do every month. Read the magazine, from cover to cover.