This post isn't about Michael Vick. I promise you it's not. No, this post is about ninjas who want to act like they would know what to do if only they had Michael Vick money.

Let's face it, no one knows what they would do if they woke up one day and they were instant millionaires. We sit here and talk about what we would buy and what we would do if we ever won the Lottery or found some other way to come up and become seven-figure ninjas, but that is, as the title of my blog suggests, just broke thoughts. My boy Pay Day has a great quote that goes something like this: You say you're broke. You say you're busy. Well, it sounds like you're busy being broke.

That's exactly what all these black folks are doing when they sit up on their high horses and act like Michael Vick was too rich to do what he did. Since when did a person's net worth determine their aptitude? I live check to check, struggle to make ends meet, but I have common sense, which is clearly what Vick lacked, if only for a moment. The truth is, if Vick was into dog fighting, best believe he was into that shit long before he was a millionaire, and sadly, no one cared then because them fights were on some nickel and dime shit. But as soon as Vick gets that white boy money, the government starts to care? That dog don't hunt.

It's easy to say what we would do if we had major paper, but the fact is, we probably would just upgrade everything we already do, ignorant shit included. I'm sure some of you fools out there would like to believe that you would get rid of your vices if only you had more scratch, but the truth is, the only thing probably half of you would do is upgrade the kind of weed you smoke. Which begs the question: Name your vice. The one thing that you're into, whether it's illegal or legal, and tell me if you had more money, would you let it go? Or would you just do more of it on a higher level?

My thing is, I'm into nice restaurants, so if I had a billion dollars, I'd probably never cook a meal at home again.