Oh sure, immigration has brought high art, culture and gourmet foreign cuisine to our fair shores, but we at KING are partial to imported treats like pizza, Canadian weed, bootleg movies, Punjabi counters, all-night convenience stores, happy-ending massages and Brazilian bikini waxes (sorry, GQ, we still like 'em). But most of all, immigration has brought us some fine-ass women. Beauties like Adriana Lima, Melyssa Ford and Pamela Anderson were all born beyond our borders. But it's not just about the models and the stars. Just spending a summer day in New York City (God bless you, women of Latin America) is enough to make the case for open borders and even more open necklines. Shit, even that veiled lady behind the counter at that all-night convenience store has some nice curves beneath that burka. Just use your imagination.