What does it take to convert a football-jersey-wearing skateboarder into a style icon?

A little camo, it seems. With the skater's anthem "Kick, Push” rolling around radio, Chi-town native --Lupe Fiasco- wanted the quality control of high-fashion houses, but the fresh, street-influenced artistry he grew up wearing. Oh, and it had to be exclusive, too. First discovering Maharishi (and its sub-brand, dpmhi) through its founder's book about the history of camouflage, Lupe later visited its flagship location in London's Convent Garden; it was a match made in heaven. "I don't want to be walking around in Louis Vuttion and Gucci all day,” says Lupe. "So I wear Maharishi—it's tangible, but just out of touch.”

Created in 1994 by camouflage connoisseur Hardy Blechman, the line is designed to reflect a military mind-state. Maharishi (Sanskrit for "great and visionary”) ambushes traditional lines by incorporating unconventional design elements into their pieces: It is influenced by iconic images from NYC graffiti legend Futura and pop-culture visionary Andy Warhol, as well as messages of environmental awareness. Eight-hundred-dollar cargo pants with a conscience? Perfect.

For more of Lupe's style sense pick up the November ‘06 issue of KING (#37)