When Spike TV cast Kurt "Sticky Fingaz" Jones to star in the cable channel's buzz-heavy series Blade, it was indeed a daunting prospect. The actor (a founding member of the 1990's hip-hop group Onyx) faced the pressure of starring in a television series based on a successful comic-book/film franchise that, to date, has grossed more than $200 million. Then there was the arduous task of filling the sizable shoes of Hollywood staple and Blade original Wesley Snipes, who practically owns the ass-kicking half-man,
half-vampire character. What Sticky wasn't prepared for, however, was the deafening reaction from the passionate Internet cult known as the "fanboys."

"I heard about comments like, 'Who is this non-acting rapper playing Blade?' and, 'Oh my God, this is the worst decision in the world.'" Sticky explains. He then takes a respectful turn, adding, "I feel like Wesley did a great job in the Blade movies. I just want to bring my own street flavor to it."

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