At long last, Nardwuar finally landed his follow-up J. Cole interview.

On Saturday (Dec. 25), the Human Serviette uploaded his new sit-down with the Dreamville Records head honcho. The interview has been at least a couple years in the making, with Cole famously turning down Nardwuar at the 2019 Day N Vegas Festival when the quirky questioner was set to go. Nardwuar made up for lost time with a nearly hour-long talk with the North Carolina MC that left Cole speechless at times.

Nardwuar caught Cole at Windmark Recording studio in Santa Monica, Calif. this go round. For those unfamiliar with Nardwuar's interview style, he has CIA level skills at diving deep into a subject's past and pulling up moments an artist forgot about or are amazed Nardwuar was able to obtain.

In this interview with J. Cole, Nardwuar first blew the rapper's mind by bringing up the fact that the studio they are in is where Cole recorded a track on 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which happened to drop seven years ago to the date of the interview. "That's crazy, I'm just realizing that right now," Cole said. "This is on some synchronization, God-type level. That's crazy."

As always, Nardwuar brings gifts to accompany his queries. He blesses Cole with some rare 45s of old songs Cole has sampled in the past. He also brings up Cole's first rap name, The Therapist, and has him expound on its origins. For almost an hour, Nardwuar digs into Cole's history, getting never-before-heard information on the multiplatinum rapper's come up, adolescent days and musical taste.

Nardwuar first interviewed J. Cole back in 2011.

Peep the entire new Nardwuar interview with J. Cole below.

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