NAME: Jasmine Jannay

AGE: 20


HEIGHT: 6'0”


ETHNICITY: Creole and Puerto Rican

HOMETOWN: Claremont, California

WEB SITE: arabellemodeling.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/jasminejannay

YOU'VE SEEN HERE IN: "Put That On My Hood” video by Bow Wow; "Hey” video by Lil' Jon

KING: You call yourself "the baddest six foot vixen in the game." We're guessing there are no other six-foot vixens that can challenge that claim.

JASMINE: I haven't seen anyone like me. I'm not saying that to be cocky…well maybe a tiny bit [laughs].

No need to be coy—be proud of your confidence.

But I feel all women should view themselves as "the baddest."

Before you start a self-help group for all up and coming models, what makes you the baddest?

Just my personality, in general. I love to have fun all the time but I'm also very professional. I'm very focused on my career.

Heard that one before. Have you always had this self-assurance growing up?

It definitely took time for me to blossom into the young confident woman I am today. When I was younger I was very shy and a little insecure. No matter how many people told me I was beautiful it still didn't help. With time my confidence grew.

Sounds like a premise for an ABC Family dramedy. We speak for the male gender when we say we're glad you made that growth.

It's all part of confidence. Most models I see my height are doing high fashion. Myself, on the other hand, has the height of a fashion model but the body of a video vixen so I'm the best of both worlds.

We won't argue with that assessment.

If you have it flaunt it.


Agreed, but what made you decide to flaunt your Double Ds as a profession?

They're 36D's and I love them.

We'll suspend our Female Body Inspector license for that faux paux, so our apologies.

That tends to happen when your boobs are big. Some days they can pass for Double D's because they sit up pretty.

The better for men to drool over them, my dear. Who are you flashing them off for?

Only the mirror for right now.

What a bummer. But is it safe to say when you sashay down the block the fellas gravitate to your sitting pretties.

Honestly, I can't think of just of one body part men focus on because every day it's something different. Men stop me and tell me that I'm beautiful, but when having a
conversation I'll notice their eyes wander down to my boobs…


Sorry, wasn't paying attention…

Damn, that's been happening a lot lately.

Maybe you should start wearing turtlenecks to avoid such occurrences.

I'm not the type to cover up. I like dressing sexy so I'm going to have to pass on the turtlenecks. Although it does get annoying sometimes so I may take that into consideration. I think men, in general, can find different things about my body to appreciate. Although I wish they could express it in a better way. But when you think about it there isn't a nice way to say, "hey I think your boobs are great and your ass looks good, too [laughs].”

There's sincerity in that.

Telling a woman she's beautiful is the best way to compliment her. When a guy says something about your body it comes off as disrespectful.

Guess you're running into a string of dudes who lack game.

I've never heard a good one. In my eyes all pick up lines are bad.

Okay, what's the worst pick-up line you've heard thus far?

"I like to climb trees, can I climb on top of you." Whack pick up lines always come across corny.

Yeah, but that was downright awful. Since you're showing off your naughty bits for only your mirror and our camera, we can assume that you're single, right?

Yes, I'm very picky about who I allow to enter my life. I'm a very loving person and I have a big heart so I have to protect it. I don't fall in love fast in order to be with someone. I have to know that he's worthy of all my love and affection.

Maybe your day job intimidates men.

I'm very down to earth and a little silly from time to time, so I don't think I'm too intimidating towards men.

So you say.

The only problem I sometimes have is men being intimidated by the fact I'm a model.  They like the idea of it but when I have to go on a set for a music video or go do a photo shoot then the insecurities come out.

Speaking of showing timidness, let's give kudos to you doing a good job on your first photo shoot for a nationally published magazine.

I was excited, then my excitement turned into nerves. Whenever something is important to me I can't help but to feel a little nervous I had a great time on set though

Nervous? Didn't seem that way, especially when you started peeling off clothing.

[Laughs] What can say, I'm comfortable with my body. Being topless doesn't bother me.


Appreciate that, but back to your relationship status or lack thereof, even though you're focused on your career, you do have needs, right?

Yes, I'm not above making a booty call if I need to.

What does a man have to embody to even get a shot at you?

The most important thing is to be able to make me laugh if you can't make me smile then you're not worth my time.