Speaking of taking hits, one of your baby-mammas took you to court for domestic violence. What's the story on that?
My daughter's mother wanted to go to a celebrity birthday party in Hollywood. It was for the child of a celebrity so she couldn't go without our daughter. But it was my weekend with my daughter. She came to my house and we had a verbal altercation but I never touched her. She goes to the cops two days later and says I put my hands on her. I go to court and I'm like fuck this shit, I'm not pleading to anything cause I didn't touch her. My lawyer said, "if you lose this, you're going to jail for six months.”

So you pled no contest for simple battery and were giving probation, ordered to go to anger-management classes…and the judge ordered you to produce and direct a film about domestic violence….
Yes, now here's the real story. I did the film. But I did it about angry women who are upset when a relationship fails and they don't want to let go. Taraja Henson from Hustle and Flow stars in the movie. I'm as proud of that short film as I am of anything I've ever done. When I turned it in, the domestic-violence counselor was not satisfied because I didn't paint the man as the aggressor. She refused to approve my film because she wanted me to demonize black men. Without her approval, I was going to jail. So we give the tape to the judge. He watches the film and tells the counselor, "just because he didn't make the movie you wanted him to doesn't mean he didn't satisfy the requirements.” And that was that.