To the untrained eye, a single mother is the queen of all bag ladies. Forget issues, they got a whole other mouth to feed. But a new organization has come together to change the image of women with children everywhere. At first glance, the group, Mothers in Life, Passion, and Health, sounds like an organization put together by feminist mothers who spend their weekend working in the garden and doing pilates. But, a closer look at the organization, whose acronym is ‘MILPH' (yes you perv, that's the correct spelling) reveals women like Kam, a 28-year-old model and actress from Southern California, whose maternal duties clearly haven't had an effect on her beauty regime. "I really, really wanted to be a part of MILPH because of everything it stands for,” says the mother of a nine-year-old son. "They're making the M-I-L-F, which is a pretty crass meaning, and making it something positive.”
Sure. But what's it really like to be with a mother with kids? Kam breaks down the dating game for men who tend to embrace their Oedipus complex and why those who do, should stop turning their backs on a woman with kids.

What's your secret to balancing the role of a MILF and a MILPH?
I always have a certain sexy classiness to me. I try to exude that. But I do turn it on, turn it on pretty high when it comes to in the bedroom [laughs], so my fiancé enjoys that I can turn it up.

Damn your fiance´, how can men be as lucky as him? Is there a certain way you have to approach a baby mama?
The best advice I can give for a guy who wants to approach a hot mom, put that game out the door. You don't need game because we mothers, we see right through it. Be respectful, introduce yourself, tell us your name, if we have our child with us introduce yourself to our kid. That's huge for us.

So we could barter some babysitting time for some time with you?
I have had guys who wanted to get in good with me through my child and kind of did too much. I can't speak for all mothers, but for me and my MILPH friends, we are protective over our kids, and as single moms we have to be. Unless it's serious, I don't feel a need to have him around my child.

That's a relief. For a second there we thought we'd have to dust off the clown suit and brush up on our balloon sculpting.
No [laughs] I don't know, maybe some people like to roll play like that, but I never have.

Word on the street is women with kids really know how to discipline their partner in the bedroom. Any truth to this?
Put it like this, I have a few wigs, and I have learned a couple of the Beyonce´ video dance routines, and it's like, I'll keep it hot in the bedroom and become a totally different person for my man. I'll dance around, wear these blond wigs, and have fun with it.

Dressing up like Ms. Independent Woman herself? That doesn't quite fit the role of a mother.
I feel like after a woman has a child, there's nothing she can't do, because that's such a huge, huge thing. I was really shy growing up as a girl. After I had this child, oh please believe it, I almost became this free spirit, I was like uninhibited. I can do anything. I started dating these guys who I just kind of learned things in these relationships with other guys. I grew up, I really grew up. I grew up sexually as well as maternally.

We'll let your son worry about the maternal part, give us the details on this umm, sexual growth.
After I had a child I was like, Shoot, I just had a baby, whatever. I can do whatever the hell I want. Well, I did. I tried new things in the bedroom. I just explored all aspects of my sexuality. I never went as far as doing anything bi-sexual. I love men, I always will. There was certain things I wasn't willing to do.

Understood. In many states, that same-sex parenting thing gets fishy. Any truth to the rumore that single mothers are desperate?
Most of my friends who have kids, they're still hot, they're MILPHS too, and they get hit on all the time. Guys chase them because they're not out there looking for a father for their kid.

Praise Him!
There are a lot more MILPHS nowadays. I've been meeting so many, and they get younger now, so many hot moms, these young girls now are hot moms. There's a lot of mothers now, and I think it's great because men are more open to dating a MILPH, and not being scared just because she has a kid so times are changing and I think it's great because a MILPH, there's so many beautiful, beautiful women that just because they have a kid, doesn't mean they're still not fun to hang out with.

Sold! Anything we should remember now that you have us open to meeting the stroller-pusher set?
Once you go MILPH, you don't get back.

Umm, okay, doesn't have quite the same ring as the original line, but we'll take it.