Perhaps Rich Boy thought he needed some prep-boy arrogance in addition to his D's (those are rims by the way, Daytons, of course). Or maybe, Kanye, with his prep-boy arrogance, thought Rich Boy needed a shapelier stripper chick. Either way, Kanye just builds and steals Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's” for an enjoyable, long-running freestyle about bigger and more rewarding type of Ds, "Hold on let me ask you ‘why you spend your money on that shallow shit?' why don't you buy some bigger tits, somethin' that will last you”. West, then, attempts to educate the Japanese as he brings his arrogance overseas for an equally, self-flattering, self-serving and really selfish verse on the Terriyaki Boyz's bilingual "I Still Love H.E.R.”. Again, another unnamed groupie serves as his employee working to pump his self-esteem, "anything I say that is audible // ought to blow // just like a chick giving oral, yo”. Who knew Kanye was for the ladies? - Rodney Dugue

Kanye West - "Throw Some D's Freestyle"

Kanye West - "I Still Love H.E.R."