You didn't seem to mind being in the buff on a bicycle.
I'm pretty comfortable with my body. I like showing it off when it's appropriate to do so. You won't catch me out in the street or in the club with too little on because my style is more classy sexy than raunchy trashy. But I'm most comfortable at home wearing barely anything most of the time.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you participate in any night riding?
At night, I prefer riding in cars rather than any other form of transportation. But something is telling me that's not the night ride you're referring to.

You're a smart cookie.
[Laughs] I might choose to "night ride” from time to time. I like that I control everything that happens, including when the ride is over. You know, get mine and get off.

Get real. Anyhow, what part of your body belongs in the Smithsonian.
Physically, I've been blessed with very deep and sensual eyes. I've been told that they're hypnotizing. I can cause an erection with eye contact alone.

Gonna check the submission guidelines. But it'll be hard for the board to argue.--By Sean A. Malcolm