She had us at "Double Ds.” But really, who can deny a model whose bold premonition is just as sexy as her unearthly shape? Certainly not our mammary-fixated, Myspace-obsessed readers who crowned the busty Columbus, Ohio-bred beauty ( Web Girl of the Year—in yet another landslide victory that the laughable New York Knicks have wet dreams about. Not bad, considering the former cheerleading captain would prefer one-on-one hardwood competition to sexing up web-cams, giving her site's members hard . . . well, you get the idea.

We hope you relish your role as the sporty girl in our KING yearbook, because you were a split second away from being dubbed Cutest Couple.

How can I be the Cutest Couple by myself?

We're not going to dignify that with a response.

[Laughs] Oh, that's cute; I take that as a compliment. I've had them since I was 11. Honestly, I have no recollection of an A or B cup, or even wearing a training bra.

There's something you don't hear often. What kind of teen were you?

I was not by any means a girly-girl. I had that TLC "Hat 2 Da Back” look going on, I hung with the boys and was into sports. That's where I started developing my legs and my arms playing basketball, softball and cheerleading.

Ever tried out for the track team?

No, I don't like to run. [Pointing to her chest] It kind of hurts when I run.

Yeah, getting smacked in the face by the dynamic duo while doing wind sprints can't be fun.

Pretty much. They're big as hell [laughs].

Let's not neglect your backside, though. That packs more of a punch than a right cross from Travis Barker's ex-wife.

I've been carrying that around since 11th grade, and it has gotten bigger over the years.

How big is it now?

Well actually I measured it a month ago, so my hips are at 44 now, which makes me 34DD-26-44. I do a lot of squats and lunges because when you're thick, you gotta keep everything right and tight.

Word to Bubba Sparxx.

But my ass is more round than it used to be. I just wanted to give you a picture in your head [laughs].

Appreciated, but no need—notice the lack of eye contact here. Besides, we can see plenty of that pretty round mound on your web site.

First off, I'm glad KING readers appreciate a more healthy, thicker body than the smaller girls, considering that I'm the Web Girl of the Year. And it's much appreciated because my site has gotten a lot of positive feedback and hits, which turned into more money for me which is cool [laughs].

>We'll talk about my fee later.

But the motivation behind the web site is simple. When I go out to a club or a beach, people are always looking. Why not get paid for them to look? With the site, I'm just capitalizing on what people are naturally gonna do anyway.