In part two of our "King Me" interview with 50 Cent, we run quotes that couldn't fit in the magazine. Here, Curtis talks about his relationship with Eminem, the G-Unit camp, and the Game. Click here to read Part 1
You did a song with Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake, some people will see that as a desperate attempt to crossover
Some people are idiots. I don't knock them for that. We got idiotss out there. When you look at male solo artists, those are the two best male artists out right now. Both have full bodies of work where you can listen to the whole record. I have to be in the mood wor these other guys, I have to be honest with you. So I work with the artists that I felt impressed me with their projects.

What's going on with Shady/Aftermath? If you leave, will it be on good terms?
I [will] work with Eminem for the rest of my life. Em is different. Our relationship is different. You don't think a person can come into your life as late as he did mine and mean as much as he did to it. We never have issues about money. We're always in the studio and it's always creative. I'll get a phone call from everybody when everything is going good. But they don't call when the Robin Thicke song leaks out. But Em, he's gonna call because he understands my frustration so hes gonna call to make sure Im in a good enough place so I don't get in trouble.

Would you go somewhere else and still record?
Absolutely, after I was totally completed I wouldnts commit to a major label again, I would probably finance it myself.

Is that your plan now? You have one more album after this.
I have one album after this album.. I got Before I Self Destruct. I only have to record like 4 songs for that. And from there its right back.

No other artist has went indy while they are still large.
Of course I'll come down before I actually go because they lose interest in supporting my project as they see me growing closer to completing my requirements.

The Vitamin Water sell has been reported as $400 million, but that's inflated by most accounts. How much money did you make?
Inflated by whose account?

Forbes and other publications that have an air of respectability. But it's best to hear it from the horse's mouth
I got a non disclosure agreement with the actual company Im involved with, but I will tell you I am extremely happy with the deal - so happy I will show you every single tooth in my mouth right now with this smile I got on my face. Right now when we make the remix for "I Get Money", Jay-Z's number one, I'm number two, and Puffy's number three. That was for 2006. [Jay-Z] had $34 million, I had 23, Puff had 28. That was one of my off years - no album out and not touring. I came out 2003, 2005, 2007. I don't mind taking number two for that year, but already in 2007 I won by a landslide. Feel me? So next year when they do the account for that you'll get a chance to see me win by a whopping number.

So you like the Jay-Z album, Kingdom Come.
Yeah. He had agressive content on his other albums, that's what was missing on this one, but I understood what he was talking about. If you can understand he has an interest in writing about water in Africa after you've been touring and seeing some of those things. The tastemakers don't buy music and they start saying that joint is hot. It creates the mood.

What's the future of G-Unit?
They can look forward to a G-Unit album in the fourth quarter.

You've been doing a good job of keeping G-Unit together?
I was telling Buck, you cant resolve an issue with someone if you didn't create an issue. How could you feel you could resolve it? If it came out of the clear blue sky and that person just felt that way, how can you resolve it if a person is spontaneous and you have no idea how they'll be tomorrow. You cant value your relationship with them. I have no interest in working with The Game, having a conversation with him, or anything. I make more money off him than he does. I'm fine with that from a distance. I wrote six records on his album.

When you say you wrote records, you mean chorus's, right?
I mean, I wrote the records.

Do you write his lyrics as well?
Check this out. I wrote the entire song, then I had it playing in my house. Then what I did was, I muted my verse, then he wrote his verse after hearing my verse. So if you heard a full song playing and I said mute my verses and you write yours, you already know what direction to write to. If I did the same thing for Wayne he would've easily sold 5 million at this point. I would have gave him the right production and the right song concepts and all he would have to do is write his verses. He writes dope verse all the time. So when you put an artists like that in that space, you can make a decent record like "One Blood", which already has the hook built in. But give him a record without that, what was his second single, "Strip Club"? If you listen to that chorus, it sounds like his rendition of 50 Cent. He didn't know what to do so he tried to do anything close to what 50 does because 50 actually delivered the records that sold for him.

His last album sold pretty well.
Only 900 Thous. You don't think that's bad from 5 million? I was looking for bigger checks. He has a five album deal, so he owes me three more albums. And he's talking about he's retiring. I got my fingers crossed that he will come up with something this time. He gonna have to find domething that has the hook planned already.