New rules: Media training is for softies, and political correctness is for presidential candidates. So says 50 Cent's playbook. The 32-year-old Queens MC has an unwavering aggression that spares no one - label heads, rap gods and MTV-designated "hot" rappers alike. By now, the SoundScan dust has settled, and the Kanye West and Curtis Jackson competition for king of cha-ching has come to a close. Whatever the outcome - Team 'Ye or Team Fif' - you've got to bow down to Mr. Jackson's ability to pepper an otherwise bland year of hip-hop.

You used a suprise appearance at the Scream Tour alongside Jay-Z, Diddy and Kanye to your advantage. You weren't cleared to be there, were you?
No, I wasn't. But I felt like it. When the security people saw me, they went, "Wow, this is 50 Cent. He's the hottest.” They let me walk onto the stage, and I ruined [Kanye's] little moment. It was supposed to be him and Jay-Z. Nah, it's me, him and Jay-Z.

So you planned to steal Kanye and Jay-Z's shine?
No, not steal the shine from Kanye and Jay-Z, but share the moment [laughs]. You see how they point out that it was a monumental moment? That's something I created.

Do you think people have come to expect certain behavior from 50 Cent? P
eople already know what my response to something is going to be based on a previous situation. They can already assume that if somebody says something, I'm going to respond to it immediately, because that's my personality. Jay-Z will sit there and watch these guys say something and go, "I'm not going to say anything to this guy. He's a bum; he's nothing.” They grow more disrespectful of Jay-Z as they go. Jay-Z has had issues with Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Fat Joe…uh, who else? Lil' Wayne. Every single one of them has had incidents with Jay-Z before me, because they feel like at one point he was in the position I'm in now. They started calling him a flat-out faggot. That he's wearing chancletas. That he's a camel and all this other shit. Look at the disrespect he bears from Cam'ron. Where's Cam'ron at now [since he came at me]? He's on mute. I'll put his ass out of business right away.

You went after Lil' Wayne on "Part-Time Lover” with the rhyme "You make me want to kiss you like Baby do Wayne/And make you call me Daddy like Baby do Wayne/Damn, that shit sounds gay, it's insane/I guess that's the price a lil' nigga pay for fame.” What's that about?
I've already baited Lil' Wayne to come on out so I can break his little neck. My consistency will break his neck the same way LL's consistency broke Canibus'. Lil' Wayne is a talented rapper but not a great songwriter. He has had great verses on other people's projects, but they were not his complete ideas over production that he picked. He's not marrying the right production and lyrics to make classic hit records.

But if he's not coming after you, why bother him?
Why not break his neck? I got nothing else to do. If they set you up to believe you are in a situation you're not actually in yet, then you go out there… See, he's saying what he's saying to Jay because Jay didn't respond to him. I'm giving him something to work off. Is that one of 50's laws? Yeah. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

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