If one expects revolution to, well, revolutionize then it cannot be passive. It must be aggressive, controversial, and morally contentious. The words must not only be shocking, it is also helpful if they are perceived by many as outlandish, uncomfortable, and just plain stupid. Polow Da Don's recent proclamation in the latest issue of SCRATCH Magazine embodied all of these characteristics.

Polow, for those who don't know, has produced some of the biggest (and in some cases, only) hits for artists such as Fergie ("London Bridges") and the Pussycat Dolls ("Buttons"), to Rich Boy ("Throw Some D's") and Ludacris ("Pimpin' All Over The World"). But aside from great music, Polow Da Don also wants to be known as "King of the White Girls".

In the interview, Polow claims the statement is "very true" because he "was one of the first dudes from the 'hood to really bring the white girls out to the parties and the clubs."

I can just see the women of Essence or any number of black sororities getting their thongs in a bunch because a black man has proclaimed himself the King of the oppressor's sister. "He ain't shit,” they'll say. Before they see the humor in a title like, "King of the White Girls", they'll see the foulness in it and probably team up with the United Coalition of Scared White People to crucify Polow and men like him, Emmett Till be damned. Ask a black woman the biggest reason why their aren't any black men, and they'll either say jail or white women. As one of my boys once told me, black women can be "worse than white folks." And while I don't agree with that totally, I have seen many instances where black women refuse to dance to a song that has the word "bitch” in the hook, even if said bitch is a metaphor for a car. I know you can hear that sista now, talking about, "Why's it gotta be a bitch though?”

The thing is, Polow needs to be king of the white girls, and if white girls ever want to be cool, they need to let him reign on them. It's just like hip hop. Black people made it cool, but white people made it relevant. To wit - The King of the White Girls is the guy who made Fergie bump in every club from London to Brooklyn and who knows? He could've given the beat to Ciara, but with so many sistas hating on Ci-Ci, saying she can't sing, Polow had to help the girl prove her family wrong and go make "Promise.”

P.S. For the record, Huey P. Langston won't be gunning for Polow's crown anytime soon. So my sistas, if you mad, leave your info in the comments, and we can, you know, talk it out ;)