Have you ever been to Alaska? Can't say that I have. But I know a few things about the state. The first thing that comes to mind without a Google search: It's cold. And huge. Not sure about the natives, but I'll assume that they're not as nutty as their governor, Sarah Palin. Let me cliff-hang on that for a second…

First, I'll explain a few things about this Jock the Vote issue. This isn't a bipartisan event. Our bikini content makes us way too liberal. We're pro-Obama. Admittedly, at the end of January, I wasn't sure what the senator from Illinois stood for. I just knew that his speeches were powerful enough to inspire the Dukies of this country (the kid from The Wire, not Krzyzewski's squad). But his message wasn't an epiphany: This country has a $9 trillion deficit, 4,000-plus soldiers have died in a war sparked by ghost WMDs, unemployment is at a five-year high and VH1 is giving Chance and Real their own reality show. So, yeah, we need change. Someone absolutely needs to hit the reset button in D.C. After a summer filled with debates and, most important, Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC, I started to see his vision. Fewer taxes for the poor and middle class, improved education, alternate energy sources (trade in that V-12, already!), universal health care and high-stepping out of Iraq. Typical democratic stances, but if you're reading this magazine, you probably have an interest in some, if not all, of those points.

Next, I realized that Barack and the late ODB share a common interest: They're both for the kids. Whether black, white or other, young adults have drunk his Kool-Aid and love the taste. But there are some dangers that come with that. The kid who knocks back double-digit Patrón shots on November 3 might opt to sleep the day away on November 4—or, worse, miss his state's voter's registration deadline. That's the electorate I wanted to speak to this issue. So, playboys and playgirls, listen closely. While you chatter about Reagan Gomez's ill pregnancy snap-back, keep this in mind: It's not enough to rock an Obama shirt. He doesn't get points at the polls for that. You've supported him this far, so play like Mariano Rivera and close the deal. If not, your fate is as follows…

Your vice president won't know what the Bush Doctrine is, but she'll be a tough chick adept at shooting a moose. Her stance on Russia? War, if necessary. Sex education in schools? The hockey mom would rather abstain. And as for your president, you'll have a war hero who was chums with George W. Bush. Don't be tardy, kids. Not this time.

Jermaine Hall
Editor in Chief

P.S. Thank you, T.I., for going above and beyond as guest editor. Holla at David Yurman for that endorsement paper.