Datwon Thomas, KING editorial director, says: "Behold the cover shot that started it all. KING's then senior editor Ben Osborne (now SLAM magazine's E.I.C.) pretty much made this cover happen. I was debating between Leila Arcieri and another cutie with a bootylicious frame, and Ben chimed in, ‘You know she's the one.' A few days later I was in L.A. watching Leila crawl on the floor, then handcuffed to a pole, then blowing kisses to the camera—making me a believer in the future of KING magazine.”


What were your thoughts when you saw Gabrielle Union on the cover of KING?
Busta Rhymes: "She looked bangin' than a motherfucker.” My second response: "Let me look inside to see how many more of those beautiful images I can see.”

Can we get a "Woo-hah”?
I'm a big fan. I'm not even gonna front.

Is that why you picked her to co-star in your video "I Love My Chick”?
I picked Gabrielle because every time I look at her I appreciate her beauty in different ways. I always wanted to get close enough to vibe with her.