Like Mel Gibson, the Raiders wide receiver vows to crucify the Minnesota Vikings' cornerbacks.

Considering Randy Moss's offputting snarl during television post-game interviews, this candid q&a session is a gift of Chris-Webber-timeout proportions. Although his place of residence has changed—Moss, 28, was moved from the Minnesota Vikings to the Oakland Raiders in the NFL heist of the century—football's public enemy number one's disdain for cameras and savvy reporters remains. Quiet as kept, his former team will sample that hate when they next meet as the West Virginia native swears to speak loudly and carry a big stick.

Does your interview phobia have anything to do with your unchecked frankness?
I stopped doing interviews a couple of years ago because I knew that the longer the season goes on, something will eventually come out. I heard a baseball player—this was back when the steroid [scandal] was going on—and he said, "The media is just mad because they can't do what I do.” And 100 percent of the time a person says that, it's true. I think people are just jealous because I showcase my talents. People are mad because they can't get that close to me or affect me by an article or by what they say. I do what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to.

Did you have a feeling you were being pushed out prior to your agent's call?
No, I didn't. Coach Mike Tice lied to the fans of the Minnesota Vikings. He kept telling people that I was not going to get traded, and then he tells people he didn't know about the trade possibilities. . .. Well I was talking to a person who works in the front office of the Raiders, and he said that at the Senior Bowl Coach Tice talked to him personally and said, "Our big boy could be for sale, so you might want to call your people. But keep it on the hush-hush." You get what I'm saying?