When the third and most advanced Playstation console first dropped last year, the hefty $599 price tag broke plenty of pockets and scared even more cats back to their PS2s. But this season, binge gamers can feed their addiction without suffering from financial anorexia, as the kind folks at Sony chopped a Franklin off the 80 GB Playstation 3's cost, and even tossed in online-racing game MotorStorm T. Those with even more modest budgets can cop the spanking-new 40-gig model and get a head start on building their Blu-ray movie library with the complimentary, high-definition Spiderman 3 flick. Just take a lesson from Spidey: Don't let the black box consume you. -John Kennedy

(Available @ www.circuitcity.com / Cost: $499 (80 GB), $399 (40 GB))