First and foremost, this is not an infomercial, so there is no need for alarm.

 Aww f*ck it. It IS an infomercial, but it's a damned entertaining one! So keep reading and don't make me have to slap the sh*t out you.

 I mean it. Slap slobber out you, kid!

 Now, on to business. I've been selling shirts over on my site for awhile now, but the only ones I had in my own posession were the ones with the word "n*gga" in them(ex: Justin N*ggalake, NWP: N*ggaz With Perms, etc...). Since I can only wear those to places like bars and clubs, I haven't been able to do the free advertising thing and walk around town in them.

However, I am testing out this shirt right here at this very moment, and I must say, the reactions have been quite positive!

wear this shirt, and you'll get you some butt!

For real, I've already had three people attempt to kiss me, and one lady offered me a B.J.!

Then again...maybe she said "Have a nice day", but it kinda sounded like "You want a B.J.?" I'll give my shirt the benefit of the doubt.

To see what one looks like from a camera that's NOT sh*tty, or to order your own, click here.

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