AGE: Twenty-Something
HEIGHT: 5'4"
ETHNICITY: African American
HOMETOWN: Jacksonville, Florida
@MsLaeannAmos; @AccessVibe

You're definitely not new to KING. You were once a Web Girl, in our January/February 2006 issue.

Oh, wow, that seems so long ago [laughs]

Yeah, where does the time go? But how did you transition from that to being a television host?

The transition was pretty easy. I've never been the type of person to just settle for one thing, and I've always wanted to have my hands in every aspect of the entertainment industry. After working as a TV personality for CBS 4, and a few other local shows like NDH TV, I became frustrated when work slowed down. But being in the entertainment business taught me to trademark my name. So I used my image as a tool to start my own television show, Access Vibe.

What's the show about?

It's a show I started with R&B artist, songwriter and my business partner Charles Reed. Access Vibe gives viewers up close and personal access to the hottest names in Hollywood, but also opens their eyes to fabulous fashion trends, fine dining, art exhibits and more.

Nice, but are you just a pretty face who decided to grab a microphone?

No, like I said, I don't settle on one thing. With that being said, I majored in broadcasting and communications at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, while also studying producing and directing. I studied this, so I had to put myself in higher demand by turning myself into a one-stop shop. I am a walking corporation.

Hopefully not like Enron.

Oh, to see past episodes of Access Vibe, go to or

Enough plugging, fans want to know more personal things about you.

[Laughs] Okay.

The last time you were in these pages, you said, "I like playing roles where I feel in charge, and my birthday suit makes me feel in charge." Do you still feel that way when it comes to nudity and your body?

If I'm with that special someone in an intimate setting, of course I feel that way.

That's what they all say, but special someone or not, it comes off like you're an exhibitionist, flashing more breasts than Courtney Love on a good day.

I'm definitely not an exhibitionist; I'm just comfortable in my own skin.

You seemed real comfortable in that bathtub for your photo shoot. Ever participated in any nighttime maneuvers involving a tub?

Actually, in my opinion, having sexual acts in a bathtub seems a little boring to me.

How so?

'Cause if I've done it there before, eventually it'll get boring. Maybe if the bathtub was located outside, on the top of the Empire State Building, I'd be more interested [laughs].

That's an odd scenario, but that sounds like something an exhibitionist would do.

I wouldn't say so

No? What would you call it then?

I just call that being spontaneous.

In your opinion, what's the difference?

How about I go get a dictionary and go look it up [laughs]?

Yuk it up all you want, but there's a reason for your naughty disposition.

I just don't like to know what's going to happen. Like, if we're going home and we know we're going to do it on the couch... that's boring! Why couldn't we do it in the car, or on the sidewalk, or on the slide at the nearby park?

A swing would've been a better choice. Are you opposed to doing any bumping and grinding in the confines of a home?

If we use every spot in the house, ugh, can we find a new spot? It's like eating waffles for breakfast 365 days a year. After a while it gets lame.

Where is the craziest place that you've done the deed?

"Riskiest" would be the better word.

Now we're getting somewhere!

My man and I pulled into a stranger's driveway at three in the morning and went at it. After a while, I guess the homeowner woke up and saw a strange car in their driveway. As soon as they turned on their lights, we hit it and peeled off. But we moved to another location and finished the job.

Do you mean another stranger's driveway?

Honestly, I don't know where we went. I just know that we finished and had fun. You don't think about things like that before you do it; it just happens. And that's what I like.

It's safe to say that's what you look for in the opposite sex.

Yep! I know if I was a guy, I'd be mad if my girl tells me, "Wait 'til we get home." I'd be turned off.

What turns you on, then?

In a mate I look for intelligence, a kind heart, and someone who knows how to treat their mother right. I am attracted to someone who is super-intelligent with a muscular body.

Mama's boys with washboard abs. Typical.

Mind-blowing conversation is also a turn-on, and a guy who has impeccable taste. Oh, and just so you know, my turn-on for women is someone who is very athletic with gorgeous legs that lead to a nice, firm butt [laughs].

Ah, so you like playing both sides of the fence.

No, I just like playing every sport [winks].