Word on the street is you're constantly mistaken for Scary Spice. At least Eddie Murphy has an alibi now.
Here's what happened. I always used to have long hair so I never got that, but as soon as I cut it and started wearing it funkier, I started to hear that I looked like her. If you really pay attention, we really don't look alike. If you want to be generic about it, maybe; but, if you really look at it, no. Do I still get it? No. And if I do, I will slap somebody in the head.

Yikes! Could we choose which….oh, never mind. Before pressing flesh with the WWE divas, you moved your hips as a Miami Heat dancer. Must've been a whole different degree of girl-on-girl action, huh?
I danced for them for two years and it was very exciting. Do you know how many girls audition to become a Miami Heat dancer? I was passionate about dancing and basketball, so being able to do that, having Shaq on the team and winning a championship ring is an experience I will always treasure. One day when I have kids, they'll be proud of me.

And what, a KING spread is chopped liver? That hurts. Wait, rewind…dancers get championship rings, too?
Yeah, all of us did. Mine has my name on it. I should have worn it to this photo shoot, but sometimes I'm scared to wear it because it's too big. Everyone would be staring at it and I don't really want that kind of attention.

Well, whoever would've scoped the ring first should cancel their subscriptions, anyway. Your big break came through winning our favorite reality competition, WWE's Diva Search. Was there ever any doubt?
I honestly thought that I wasn't going to win. I was surprised that I got into the top three and was just happy that I was getting a free trip to New York. Because of my ethnicity, I honestly thought that people weren't going to vote for me. There were a lot of beautiful women there and any one of us could've won. I wasn't prepared to hear my name and sometimes when I watch the tape, I have to laugh at myself.

You should peep our tape—your bubbly, chest-bouncing ring entrance looped six hours straight. Are wardrobe malfunctions ever a concern?
There are always scary moments about that. That's why we always wear double sided tape. If not, we use a special kind of glue, but the night I won the Diva search, I didn't think I'd be jumping up and down like that so I didn't wear anything. As I look back, I was very fortunate that I stayed in place. Now, I'm sure to tape or glue up everything I need too. You can't give the goods away for free, right?

The now defunct Brit pack would beg to differ. Let's step away from the ring. In terms of relationships, what's your biggest flaw?
If I like you a lot and we're dating, I'm very jealous. A lot of women won't admit that but I have to. I'm secure, but I know what's mine and I claim it. I expect the guy that I'm dating to be the same.

Say you caught your man cheating…who gets the first bruising—him or his jump-off?
I would never hit the girl first because, at the end of the day, I have the commitment to that guy, not the girl. If that girl was my friend or family, then we have an issue.

What move would you use on her—the Boston Crab, or The Bronx Bitch-Slapper?
Oooh, she does not want to know! I would probably pull her hair out. No, I'd cut all her hair off and burn it in front of her. How about that?

Damn, that's some Fatal Attraction stuff—we like! Let's call it the "Weave Wacker.”
There you go. I love that! Seriously, though, I would just walk away because once a cheater, always a cheater. I see a lot of women make the mistake of fighting the girl but chances are, the girl probably doesn't know about you. That's on the dude. Beat him up.— Larry "The Blackspot” Hester