Bobby Brown's first top ten song, "My Prerogative,” is the track that put him into a limelight that would eventually turn him infamous (Peep the video clip). An undeniable hit, it has gone on to be sampled by other renowned artists such as Britney Spears and Tha Dogg Pound.

You can now add Lebron James to that list.

Yes, you read it correctly; the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar point-forward actually flipped the Bobby joint into an all-out performance for this past Sunday's ESPY awards. With the help of at least 10 dimes (we'll just call it a buck), an elaborately lit stage that boldly read "Lebron" and a hype-man/sidekick (possibly Danny Gibson), King James straight stole the show. Dressed up in Hammer-esque fashion, while sing-rapping a personally altered version of the song, he Donald'ed an on-point Jimmy Kimmel, a 4-trophy night for LT, and a nice show-ending ensemble performance by Common, The Dap Kings, and Macy Gray.

While the hilarious performance might say some not-so-great things about his singing capabilities, it should speak volumes about his role in the sports world. First off, ESPN, the biggest sports network period, got Bron to host in the first place. Usually a task held for actors, talk-show hosts and people older than 22, Lebron's subliminal messages had to have been what got him the spot. Then, if that wasn't enough, they get the guy to do a song-and-dance in front of not only the whole NBA, but also the entire planet.

While it also could say a lot about ESPN's pull, it should say more about the entity that is Lebron James. His open-minded, almost welcoming, personality allows him to do assignments like hosting awards shows and doing commercials with ease. So much so, that these tiny pieces of Lebron's legacy are already sprouting up everywhere. Whether it's his own flavor of Bubblicious or Powerade, him throwin' up the Roc with Jay, his family of dancing Lebrons in the Nike ads, or his very own concert performance during a big awards show; at 22, Lebron is taking over the pop-culture world in a way Michael Jordan couldn't do till he was almost 25. Since Mike is probably the most well known athlete in history, what does that say about the potential legacy Lebron could leave?

To you, it says you're probably going to see Space Jam 2. Which might not necessarily be a bad thing, considering I was even a fan back in the day (Just as long as Bron isn't singin' on the soundtrack). To me, as a life-long Detroit Pistons fan, it says I need to stock up on some Advil.