By now, I know everyone has seen the video on the news: two young knuckleheads wanted for armed robbery, relaxing in the living room getting high. One of whom had the bright idea of amusing himself by videotaping his 2 and 5 year old nephews smoking a blunt. Of course, when the police arrested them and found the videotape, it made national headlines. Here's the link to the story for those who don't own a TV and haven't been beaten in the head with it already like the rest of the free world.

Of course, the authorities are trying to throw the book at these two young men, and rightfully so. The part that gets me is, it's obvious that this wasn't even the first time they've gotten those kids high. The two year old definitely looks like he's smoked before. That youngin was inhaling like he knew what he was doing. Plus, after hearing him make that little baby version of a smoker's cough, he had to be high as gas.

This sad story does remind me of something that's going to get me attacked by PETA one day. I once got someone's pet chinchilla high back in my backsliding days when I would partake in a puff of canibus or two. It wasn't entirely my fault though. The little bastard shouldn't have been climbing so close to the edge of his cage where the smoke was traveling. Once I noticed that it liked the smell, I did blow some smoke in it's direction. Don't worry, I fed it and gave it some water. I even rubbed it's soft fur to make it feel better...which made me realize why people make coats out of those things. Chinchilla fur is that sh*t! I told my boy if his pet dies, I'll give him $30 if he makes a pair of socks out of it for me. That way, it's memory will live on, and my feet will feel oh-so magnificent!

A chinchilla is one thing, but two young boys are an entirely different story altogether. What they did was incredibly ignorant, and very detrimental to the future development of these poor children. Normally, I'd hope and pray that someone butt-rapes these two young men in prison, but I actually believe that they are so incredibly ignorant that they didn't think about how messed up their actions were. Maybe this prison time that they're facing might actually be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully they'll think about the lifestyle that got them put in there, and get their acts together. Then again, prisons don't really rehabilitate people, no matter what they try to tell you...A man has to make that decision for himself on his own. If not, they can use their jail time wisely, and work on the business model for their new brand of baby snack food.