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How did this re-creation of Lil' Kim's Hard Core poster come about?
We wanted to pay homage to Kim but [also] step it up a notch, so we added the lollipop with the crazy color scheme. It doesn't get any better than licking a lollipop with a little spit hangin' out a tad bit—and that freakin' suggestive pose.

"Once she gets pumpin', it's hard to make the hottie stop”…
[Laughs] I'm the new female savior, and I just happen to be blessed with a fat coochie.… If you look on my MySpace, I have pictures where it's just poking out.

Were there any camel-toe calamities during the shoot?
No, I wasn't flashing the photographer, but if there were any, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't tell me. He'd probably just keep that on the lee-low.

You sure there wasn't any extra padding involved in the re-creation of this image?
[Laughs] Oh, please, there's no padding going on.

Can I personally fact-check that?
Of course.

This interview is over.
[Laughs] I have this power in my pussy; that's why they call me Nicki Lewinsky aka Sit on Your Favorite Rapper's Face.