Lil Baby was the rap MVP of 2020. Last year, the Atlanta rapper used albums like the multiplatinum-selling My Turn and songs like “Emotionally Scarred” and “We Paid” with 42 Dugg to certify himself as one of rap’s most promising young talents. In 2021, he’s going for back-to-back trophies. So far, he’s off to a good start with his collaborative project, The Voice of the Heroes with Lil Durk.

As someone who was raised by way of the concrete, it took the rapper a couple years after he first started popping in 2017 to really open up to both the fans and the media. Now, he’s gotten way more comfortable doing press and revealing certain puzzle pieces of his character to the public. As his star power shines brighter, there is plenty of info he's offered that most of his fans can relate to and identify with at this point.

For those who similarly live a cash-driven lifestyle, they can relate to Lil Baby’s habits of cashing out on ice trays to sit on around his neck, wrists and on his ears. Flexing with even more muscle, they also connect with blowing a bag at the dealership, specifically on custom-made Lamborghinis—or at least cannot wait until they day they can do so.

True fans of Lil Baby will be the first to tell you that all four of their pockets stay full and furthermore, that the grind doesn’t stop. They’re quick to spot another way to come up, especially when gambling is an option. Don't play yourself by pulling the dice out around them.

Honestly, you can peep a 4PF fan from a mile away based on a few things. So today, XXL narrows down 20 identifiers. Check them out below and see if you qualify to call yourself a true Lil Baby fan.

See 20 Signs You're a Lil Baby Fan

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