Election Day (Nov. 3) is right around the corner and as many rappers are encouraging Americans to vote, Lil Dicky is doing so as well, but he's offering a rather unique incentive.

On Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 22), the former 2016 XXL Freshman shared via a Facebook post that he'll reveal nude images of himself, but only if people register to vote.

"If you register to vote, I will spread my legs wide and release my penis in a subsequent post," he wrote in the social media post with an accompanying black-and-white NSFW image of himself. "This is the most important election of our lifetime. Step up. Your vote legitimately matters."

Dicky also included a link that directs fans to a website called Headcount.org, which allows people to register to vote. He shared the same post on his Instagram page.

Prior to the rapper-actor pushing for folks to vote this November, his FX TV show, Dave, became the network's highest ranked comedy series of all time. Back in May, the series averaged 5.32 million viewers per episode. The show, which was co-created by the rapper himself and Jeff Schaffer, is also executive produced by Dicky and Schaffer, Saladin Patterson, Kevin Hart and the latter comedian's Hartbeat Productions company as well.

The show has also been renewed for a second season and will premiere on Hulu streaming service.

"This was my first rodeo, so I’m super excited to take another crack at it now that I’ve got some experience making television," Dicky said about the show's viewership a few months ago. "It really feels like the sky is the limit with this show. I look forward to raising the bar even higher next year.”

As far as his voting push, it's unclear what made Lil Dicky go this route to encourage people to register to vote, but the 2020 election is approaching rapidly. It'll be Nov. 3 in no time, so it's important that folks make sure they're registered or fill out the necessary forms to ensure that their voices will be heard at the polls—or via absentee ballots—in a few weeks.

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