Lil Durk was a good sport despite throwing a bomb at his hometown's baseball game this past weekend.

On Sunday (Aug. 8), the South Side Chicago native threw the first pitch on Wrigley Field at the city's Crosstown Classic game between the Cubs and the White Sox. Durkio stood on the mound with two of his children, Angelo and Bella, cocked his arm back and threw the baseball, which didn't go very far and sent the Cubs mascot diving to catch the ball.

Durk's dismal throw didn't affect his mood any as he offered onlookers an unfazed smile. You can watch video further down in this post.

Twitter users, however, jumped on the social media platform to weigh in on Lil Durk's first pitch.

One user typed, "Y’all see @lildurk throw the first pitch at the baseball game? Just embarrassing."

There were others who didn't care as much about Durk's pitch and were overjoyed that he was able to relish in such a moment where he participated in his hometown's Crosstown Classic game. In the end, the White Sox, who are based on the South Side of the city where Lil Durk reps, bested the Cubs, who are located on the North Side of the city, in a final score of 9-3.

"Idk if y’all understand but the fact that Lil Durk is throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago Crosstown classic after all he has been through…this more than a pitch for him ??💯," the person wrote on Twitter.

Following the game, The Voice of the Heroes rapper tweeted: "The love I receive is undeniable fr 🗣."

Lil Durk isn't the first hip-hop artist to show that the rap field is a better bet for himself than the baseball field. Back in 2014, 50 Cent threw a very wide left first pitch at a New York Mets game.

Check out a longer video of Durk's first pitch and his time at the White Sox-Cubs game below.

Scroll down to see more reactions to Lil Durk's first pitch.

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