Lil Durk had a close call with police, which was captured on video.

On Saturday night (Jan. 30), Durkio went on Instagram Live while he was being pulled over and searched by the police. In the clip, the Chicago rapper appeared to be sitting on the curb, as his girlfriend, India Royale, stood next to him. An officer, who is off camera, asked Durk questions including his name, date of birth and city of birth. Durk responded to each question calmly while cars can be heard passing nearby.

After several minutes, the officer returned and directed India to drive since Durk and the other man who was in the vehicle did not have valid identification. "So I don't have to write tickets and all that good stuff," the officer said.

"Y'all are good to go. Slow down for me. Clean the car out, make it smell better so you don't get searched again. Drive safe," he added.

The trio then returned to the car, appearing to be relieved that they got off with a warning. "Niggas tried to get us, ya heard me?" Durk said before admitting that they were possibly going over the speed limit when they were pulled over.

"Pull back over so I can tell them download the album," Durk joked at the end of the video.

Durk later addressed the situation on social media. "False alarm the voice is ok," he wrote on his Instagram Story. "I repeat the voice is oooookkkk."

lil durk instagram story
LilDurk via Instagram

Durk is currently out on bond after being charged with criminal attempt to commit murder in relation to a Feb. 5, 2019 shooting in Atlanta that also involved the late King Von. The case against Durk is still pending.

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