Lil Uzi Vert’s custom car collection is unrivaled. Over the last four years, he’s put millions of dollars into a number of luxury whips that are often praised by his fans for their anime-inspired wraps and vibrant color schemes.

The unique designs, which tap on mangas like Kimi ni Todoke and animations like Cowboy Bepop, can be credited to Michael Layton and his 20-man team at design shop Car Effex in Sewell, N.J. Though it takes a lot of time, they’ve embraced the task of putting the layers of Uzi’s wild imagination on wheels. From different wrap ideas to more horsepower, Layton and his team stay busy crafting cars for Uzi's approval. Two years ago, at the 2019 Philadelphia International Auto Show, the rhymer showed Dub Magazine his $2 million car collection.

From viral clips of Lil Uzi Vert dashing through traffic or simply parked on the curb, his fans on the internet are constantly questioning how many cars he actually has. In actuality, he just reworks his pricey garage inventory time after time instead of always buying new cars. For example, Slimere’s $200,000 Lamborghini Urus went through four different looks in the last few years. You'll see the evolution below.

It’s clear that the Philly rapper takes his motor game seriously. Lil Uzi Vert is committed to freshening these high-powered machines like he freshens himself. “These like my kids. If I’m iced out, you think my car is not iced out?” he said in a since-deleted Instagram post.

With the constant hype that surrounds Lil Uzi Vert's custom car collection, XXL decided to take a look at what he's working with these days. Below you’ll find details on the vehicle transformations, some significant features on the insides and outsides and some numbers that show just how much these expensive cars go for on average.

  • Audi R8

    Lil Uzi Vert’s Audi R8 is probably the most recognizable car in his extensive collection. About three years ago, the nearly $200,000 sports car was wrapped in military green. The doors feature designs inspired by the romance manga Kimi ni Todoke and, of course, a huge "16," which refers to the 1600 block Uzi is from in Philly. Extra upgrades on this one include a Radenso built-in radar, red LED lights seen in the back where the bumper is deleted and a twin-turbo engine.

    In February of 2020, Uzi got this one reworked with a purple chrome print on the outside that's themed with an anime called Sword Art Online. The inside is covered with matching fluorescent lights that reflect the name “Vert” across the ceiling, apple red seats and yellow race car seatbelts.

  • Bentley Continental GT

    In 2019, Uzi had his Bentley Continental GT designed with the usual military green and black colors. The doors have the number 16 on it to rep where he's from. Additional features on this vehicle include a police package with strobe lights and sirens, a custom-sewn interior that has green snake skin on the seats, red LED lights over the JL speaker system and an off-road roll cage seen in the front. It’s unclear how much he paid for this one, but the 2021 version of this car retails at just over $200,000.

  • Lamborghini Urus

    The first edition of Uzi’s Lamborghini Urus was laid out with a primary military green coat, black rims, the number 16 in the back window and a white, grey and black interior. A year after the first time it was redesigned in 2018, the Philadelphia rapper replaced the look with battleship grey on the body and orange accents to match the Vlone Forgiato rims for it to sit on.

    Last June, Baby Pluto opted for the car’s most colorful design yet, taken from the anime Mobile Police Patlabor, before flipping the entire thing back to a more solid, vantablack color. Prices for this automobile start at $200,000.

  • Bugatti Veyron

    Lil Uzi Vert copped his Bugatti Veyron as a 25th birthday gift to himself in July of 2019. The whip, seen in the first Instagram post below, was previously owned by legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who spent $3.3 million dollars on the luxury vehicle. However, Uzi got it at a steal for just over $1.5 million dollars.

    The first wrap Baby Pluto put on this car was coated with the colors of orange and grey. Then he eventually got it reworked with an inspiration that merges the anime Cowboy Bebop and The Weeknd’s Starboy cover art. To match the outside, he requested a lipstick red interior.

  • USSV Rhino GX

    Renji’s USSV Rhino GX started off with yet another army-inspired look, portrayed in the hunter green color. The bulletproof whip, priced at over half a million dollars, was first designed back in 2018, but two years later, went through three different upgrades.

    The following versions include a battleship grey wrap with orange accents, a Girls und Panzer-inspired design on a charcoal body with a bright pink “16” on the front grill and lastly, an all black cover. Additional hallmarks on this big-body whip include a train horn, a PS4, red LED lights on the inside and outside and seven TVs.

  • Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    Dodge Hellcats have become some of the most talked about cars in rap over the last few years. But Lil Uzi Vert’s vehicle has a little more drip than the average. After copping this car at some point in the late 2010s, the 26-year-old rapper got a matte army wrap put on it with all black rims. About a year later, he upgraded the rims to blade design boasted by a bright rose red color. And the body got some extra “umph” too, featuring a shark mouth print across the front.

    As of April 2020, the car was scaled down to a matte grey cover. Inside sauce includes red LED lights, a JL audio system and a Radenso built-in radar. This lowest price for this wide-body whip starts at about $55,000.

  • Bentley Bentayga Mansory

    Slimere’s Bentley Bentayga Mansory, seen in his possession back in 2017, was black on black at first with an orange-ish interior. But in 2019, Uzi ditched the black paint on the body and got it wrapped in military green. Last January, he upgraded his whip once more. This time, with the colorful inspiration of Beyond the Boundary and some iris-colored bladed rims. Back in 2017, this car retailed for nothing south of $200,000.

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan

    As soon as Uzi copped his Rolls-Royce Cullinan around 2018, he leveled it up. The outside of the $350,000 luxury car was initially painted in seaweed green and contained an all-tan interior. The chrome rims clearly glared, but not as much as the diamond-encrusted hood ornament on the tip of the hood. Though he decided to eventually trash the common battleship grey and orange accents on his other vehicles, he kept that color scheme on this one for his most recent upgrade in January of 2020.

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