It leaves little to be said when you part ways with a group member/producer & switch from a major to indie label...and come out the gate firing like Tay & Pooh did for the first track on Get Back.

"...on top of all that/They try to blame this rap shit for all of our ills/Like i can stick you up wit' a mic/Like i can rap with a verse or use a verb as knife/Like before Kool Herc everything was alright/Like i wasn't callin black women hoes before 'Rapper's Delight'..."

Little Brother featuring Carlitta Durand - "Sirens"

Reminds me when Kareem went down and Magic played center for the Lake Show. Given lemons, make lemonade.

It's even bolder when your album is given away in advance & you depend on your loyal faithful to cop the album, only ask them to come see you on tour & maybe cop a tee.

So yeah, visit the Section, download the album...and then go to their Myspace and pick a locale for where you want to see a show...and take $20 so you can cop a tee.