As a Flavor of Love victim, Charm School runner-up and I Love Money 2 castoff, VH1 reality star Leilene has seen more heartbreak than Kanye West could even imagine. After losing her grandparents and mother and experiencing more breakups than Danity Kane, the 32-year-old beauty turned to reality TV to escape her, um, reality and find true love. Still, despite her numerous attempts, she's yet to settle down. That's why we're taking it upon ourselves to point out Leilene's best attributes and set her up with a good man. Potential suitors show your love below.

She prefers love over money:

"With my experience in the gentleman's club, you see so much money all the time and you get immune to it. You see the really bad things. People are married and have money and they're unhappy. "

She supports herself:

"I don't know if anyone's ever heard the term nickel and dime, no one seems to understand the cost of living. I live in the O.C. Dancing pays for my college tuition.”

She deserves a good man:

"Before relocating from Canada, I lost my grandfather, grandmother and mother to cancer. When I got to the U.S., my ex- husband said to me, ‘I love you, but I'm not in love with you.' All of this trauma happened one after another. After Charm School I ended up in an abusive relationship. I'm not very good at picking men!”

She enjoys a gentleman:

"I met Buddha on the red carpet at the Reality Awards. I didn't know who he was. Becky "Buckwild” didn't like him, we had arguments about that before we even went on the show. He was just really intelligent, he's a really deep person. Sapphyri and Becky are my friends and they thought Heat was a good person for me to have in my life. Kissing him was the most action I got on the show. Me and him are going to Hawaii.”

Inspired by Leilene's mission to find love, I made her little personal ad:

30's. Female. Libra. Single sexy mother looking for love. Hard time in past, need something fresh! Love myspace and reality T.V. Professional dancer, & producer. Need someone down to earth.--Shamika B. Sanders


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