The Pittsburgh Steelers' famous colors look a lot like a No. 2 pencil's, which is quite fitting—heaven knows the team's star wide receiver, Plaxico Burress, has been tested to get to where he is today. A nationally ranked recruit out of Virginia Beach, Burress struggled with his college entry exams and did a short stint in a Virginia military academy to improve his scores. After completing the academy, he was forced to sit out an additional year due to NCAA regulations. After finally becoming eligible, Plaxico (pronounced plek'si KO) put together two ill seasons at Michigan State and then entered the NFL draft early. His gamble paid off when he became the eighth pick in the 2000 Draft, but Plex quickly faced a new hurdle when he suffered a hand injury during his first professional contest.

"People told me I was the worst pick in Pittsburgh history,” recalls Burress. "That still sticks in my mind. Now those same people run up to me and tell me how good I am and how great I'm gonna be.”