Maria's interview and photos originally appeared in the Women of KING's Summer 2010 issue. Armed with a new name but keeping her sultry side intact, the Jamaican beauty (yes, she's Jamaican) formerly known as Maria Maria definitely makes the following shots more alluring.

The last time you were in KING, you pulled a Jimmy Two-Times and called yourself Maria Maria. Now you return as Maria Allure. Why the change?

The name change comes from a character I often, coincidentally, become cast as: the alluring woman with mysterious intentions [laughs]. Being alluring is glamorous, charming and engaging. Also, by definition, the power to attract, interest. What more can you ask for in a name?

A B-12 shot, perhaps? But for those who didn't pick up that issue (Mar./Apr. '08) with you in your birthday suit, sitting on a stool, what is your ethnicity?

Laughs] I'm Jamaican, but I am so mixed.

Getting back to your ethnicity and look, do you mostly get approached by Jamaican men?

Different races approach me. They can never really tell what I am in the beginning. But being that New York is a melting pot, you're surrounded by different ethnicities all the time out here.

In that case, what type of man piques your interest? Are you looking for a rude bwoi?

I look for qualities like ambitious, confident, caring, funny, educated, street smart, protective and family oriented.

That's all well and good, but you don't see that on some random guy when he's walking down the street.

Physically whew, don't we love that word? If it's used in the sentence, "I'm not looking for a serious relationship, just something physically fulfilling, then yes. [Laughs] No, but seriously, I like my men tall, lean, built, with an amazing smile! And for what it's worth, handsome is best. Pretty boys aren't really my thing.

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