Why do you have the same name twice? That's as wack as using a symbol as your handle.
[Laughs] How you gonna tell somebody their name is wack? All these other girls have stage names; do you tell them that they're wack? Every time I say my name to people, they react by saying, "Maria, Maria.” So it just stuck.

You're Jamaican with a Latin name and an Asian look. Explain the mix-up.
I'm West Indian, and I'm proud. People always think I'm Filipino or half-Spanish—with the high cheekbones and the face, they get it confused. I'm always told that people in Jamaica don't look like me, but there are a lot of mixtures going on down there.

Does that also mean you have multiple jobs and a weed habit?
[Laughs] No, that's such a stereotype. I do have more than two jobs, though. I've been doing makeup for years, and I still do. That's how I met my modeling agent. And I'm an actress.

That's original. Let's see your chops, thespian.
No, I can act, that's the difference. I can act like I'm cursing you out. But you have to show me the funds, and then I'll show you my skills.

Wow, I was propositioned the same way on a stroll at 3 this morning.
[Laughs] Don't go there!

I won't, but would you go there with a high roller at an airport asking for your name, your sign and the whereabouts of your man?
It depends on how he steps to me. If he has manners and swagger, it'll be nice. But if he ends every sentence with "son” or "yanahmean,” then he can kick rocks.

Kicking rocks ain't my thing…yanahmean, son?
And for the record, if you have the title of being my man, you're fabulous.

Save the Kimora Lee references for the E! channel.
I have a lot of gay friends, that's why "fabulous” is in my vocabulary.

For some reason, I'm not surprised…--Sean A. Malcolm