You don't need to be in the Caribbean to island-hop when your yacht is docked in the Diesel's town. It's a beautiful Miami afternoon and Storch and Diddy, surrounded by a few other music-industry impresarios on Palm Island, are, well, celebrating their celebrity on the deck of the Meyer Lansky of rap's glossy-white 90-foot Sunseeker Predator. Before things get too decadent, Puff has to zip a few islands down to his far-from-humble Star Island abode. Storch is kind enough to let Diddy borrow his $4 million floating fortress ambitiously named the Storchavelli. After all, he's got another aquatic gem—a tricked-out 117-foot Tiffany yacht, which fits up to 100 people on the deck and has another 20-foot boat on board. Docked in the backyard of his 20,000-square-foot Miami palace, the Storchavelli, which tops 35 knots (that's over 40 miles per hour), boasts four opulent bedrooms and is a music star in its own right. "My favorite thing about the yacht is my sick Bose sound system,” Storch says. "You can hear me coming from a mile away.” Gotta love a boat with mega knots and beats that knock.

See the rest of Storch's yacht in the July/August 2006 issue of KING (#32).