Reggaeton is heavy on testosterone. You'll find more Latino lads in this genre than at a Vida Guerra syymposium. Besides her curves and sweet disposition, Mayra Veronica is showing balls and knocking down the doors of this exlusive boy's club. The Cuban bombshell has left her Univision days for Universal Music, where she's releasing her English-language reggaeton album, Vengo Con To (I'm Coming With Everything). Since music runs in her familia (her father was one of the original singers for the Miami Sound Machine) the 26-year-old's career change was inevitable. But don't let her spectacularly round ass dupe you. She's truly a newbie, as evidenced by the title track, where she moans better than she songs. On second thought, that's music to our ears.

Congratulations on being the first female of reggaeton. But we were hoping to see you go the Shakira route for the gyrating hip factor.
I'm a Cuban girl raised in Miami, lived in New York, grew up around hip-hop. I mean, hip-hop is my thing, but at the same time I had the whole Latin influence. That's what reggaeton is; it's Latin hip-hop.

On "Vengo Con To” you're moaning like you're audition for Mayra Does Dallas. Whose idea was it?
Mine. [The moaning] goes with the song. Everyting I do I really get into it, so if I was moaning I was really moaning. I couldn't be completely faking it. In order to make something sound real you gotta do it as real as possible.

Did you have help in the studio or did you go solo?
To make myself moan I was alone [laughs]