KING You looked mighty comfortable boo-loving with Fat Joe in the "I Won't Tell” video. Aren't you scheming in that vid?
Yeah, I play a basketball player's fiancée. Even though I'm with him in the club, I'm checking out Joe. And on the down-low I'm hooking up with him. Basically, I have a man, but I have another man on the side.

How much of your personal life translated in the role?
In the past, art has imitated life just a little. There have been times in my life that I played that role, but right now I'm a little more tame and focused on my career.

Boring! I'd rather shoot the shit with Aunt Mae.
[Laughs] Oh, I'm not wholesome and goody-goody. There is a time for the naughtiness to come out. Like when you're with somebody special, and it's more like a reward for the both of you.

What's a better reward than eating lobster and shrimp on G4s like you did with Joey Crack in the video?
Driving home in my own Bentley [laughs]. You know, I'm trying to get to that point. That's a good look, and it's coming. I'm gonna make my own money and take my own G4.

Sure, and you can reward whomever with some aeronautic loving.
I never tried that, but it's always been something I've been interested in doing... It's too small in those bathrooms, though.

Who has sex in the bathroom of a private plane?
Well, when I get my own G4, that could be a future priority.

[Laughs] Wait, maybe not priority, but a future goal that I'll fulfill.

Goal? Your priorities are out of whack, sweetie. Where's your head at?
That came out wrong. You're right, maybe not a goal but a…

Too late; this is going to print.

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