gotsex.jpgIn her latest blog entry, my fellow blogger, Melyssa Ford says some truly preposterous shit.

And I quote: "Women think about sex just as much as you guys do.”

Ugghh, Melyssa, I hate to burst your bubble (no pun intended) but if I go up to 100 women right now and ask them, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I'm almost positive 99.9% of them are not going to be taking off their clothes. Women have never and will never think about sex as much as men because for women, the consequences of having sex can linger long after they've wiped themselves off with a warm towel.

If every time I had sex there was a strong possibility that it would result in bouts of morning sickness, a swollen belly, and another human life coming out of a hole smaller than my mouth, I would probably be occupying my mind with something less consequential, like, I don't know, interior decorating or going shopping.

The other thing you can look at is the difference in sexual activity between the three major sex groups.

Group A - Gay men aka Luther Vandross and Friends

From what I heard, this group gets more ass than public toilet seats.. Makes sense, considering them dudes are always so damn happy and wear bright colors and shit.

Group B - Heterosexuals aka The NBA (minus A.C. Green) aka Rappers and Rock Stars (minus the gay rapper we know exists and George Michael)

In a close second comes men like Kobe Bryant and DMX, straight ninjas who have never met a jump-off they wouldn't dunk, marriage be damned. These dudes get to have sex with women as soon as they think about it, which is often.

Group C - Lesbians aka Girls Who Got Girlfriends aka Gayle King's Fan Club

Sure this group loves flesh pillows as much as I do, but since they have two of their own, they're in no rush to touch their partner's. Never have you heard about Ellen DeGenere's "fans” lining up backstage like chickenheads at a 50 Cent concert. Most lesbians just want to paint toenails together, then, if they're not tired, maybe rub up on each other.

My point is, sex for women is an afterthought to things like feelings, foreplay, and various other shit that most men see as a waste of time. The only time women think about sex all the time is when they have found that "special somebody" who can give it to them, all the time, Men on the other hand, think of sex ALL THE TIME, even when we're having sex. But it's all good Melyssa, at least in your case, it's good to know that great minds think alike.