In Qwote's "Don't Wanna Fight” video you play the girlfriend whose boyfriend is about to cheat but doesn't and comes back into your arms. Aw, how cliché.
None of my endings are like that. I pick the wrong guys. I haven't had a boyfriend in a long time, either. I need a chocolate man in my life. Are you single? [laughs]

Why, yes, but…
I'm just messing around. That's why I was trying to get paint on you.

And how did you like our Jackson Pollock skills?
The concept was very tasteful, but I thought you were going to paint clothes on me. I really didn't think it would be so…

There you go. I'm comfortable in my own skin, so I was cool with it. Living in Miami, if you don't have fake boobs, you have a fake ass. It's their thing, but it's not for me. Everyone has their flaws.

What are yours?
Let's just say I need a few classes in anger management. I'm half-Dominican and I'm from Patterson, New Jersey! I have a low tolerance for ignorance, and when I speak my mind I'm very blunt. I love to debate.

Great! What's your stance on the presidential election?
As much as I want Obama to win, I don't see it happening. The negative ads and press about his relationship with Reverend Wright are hurting him. Hillary will take it, and that's fine, she's cool. I really want Obama to win, but he needs to get it together.

Wow, beauty and brains. Who knew?
I'm a very smart girl, so watch what you say. I'm rooting for the president who doesn't send my mother back to Iraq. She has been in the Army for 17 years, and she was deployed in Iraq for a year and might have to go again. Whoever is president needs to get us out the war and get us out of this recession. So this hits home for me.

Photography by Rayon Richards