Here's some crushing news: success blows. It also packs this little poison known as expectation, which equally blows, especially for Mike Jones. Success couldn't be worse for him on "Mr. Jones”, his nightmarish struggle to convert any previous slight/rejection/nay-sayer/idle person into gold, by next week. He's totally bemused with his riches; not sure whether to handle it, hide it, upgrade it, or sleep in it. It's surprising, a shame even, he still remembers his old self, "I used to get dissed by the chicks in the club”. The cautionary ("he's got a gang that's far too strong”) schoolyard chant that is the short-lived kiddy chorus is silly proof he's as scared of success as anything else, "he's got a shotgun so go back home.” Not even the dreary, monster arena sounds can save this one. A journey back to poverty would be more profitable and sound much better. At least, we can feel safe now, all those claims of wearing our mortgage on his neck are just limited to a song, for now. - Rodney Dugue

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