Mila J. changes her mind more than a Gemini under duress, which is why her Split Personality debut might be the most appropriately titled LP since Michael Jackson's Dangerous. Sometimes the 23-year-old L.A. native—plucked by Chris Stokes (Omarion, Marques Houston, B2K) from girl quartet Dame—wants to sing, other times she wants to rap. One minute she's talking about rockin' a chinchilla thong, the next she says she doesn't even own one. Ask the black, Asian and Indian blend if she loves cute bras and she'll emphatically answer yes. Tomorrow, she'll turn hippie chick, proclaiming that boobs should never have barricades. Not that we're mad at that last contradiction. We're just saying. . . .


KING Your bio says you began rapping when you were 4. Was that a typo?

MILA J. Actually, I started rapping and singing when I was 4. When I was younger, my favorite movie was Krush Groove, so that put rapping in my spirit, and my father sang, so I was just trying to do everything back then.

Your look is way more R&B than hip-hop.

I always thought it was important that the rap side of me get shown too, though, because that was something that would set me apart from a lot of females out there.

You're right. Not many girls can go from blowing a softhearted ballad to spitting about a chinchilla thong. That, more than Krush Groove, is the kind of thing that gets us open.

For every man that listens to that song, that's the only thing they hear. The song is called "I'm Mi',” but even one of our label guys at Universal was telling me for a month that his favorite song was "Chinchilla Thong” [laughs].

Which begs the obvious question: Do you really wear a chinchilla thong?

No, I don't have one. I definitely want one, though. I gotta get one made.

For more pictures of Mila J and this interview pick up the November ‘06 issue of KING (#37)