Next to the Grand Canyon, California native Miss Issa is our favorite natural attraction. Blessed with a breath-taking set of breasts distractions, and a lovely apple bottom forbidden fruit, the shy singer is hard not to gaze or touch or explore. She's also really accessible (no, not like that cowboy, though, we continue to have hope) - nothing but the naked truth. The Mexican/Filipino hybrid also revealed why she doesn't mind if you decide to have a staring contest with her body, her love of football, and "the regular Joe from Kansas”. Almost forgot to mention she's a good singer, too, with her debut album, Hurt No More, set to be released on the Bungalow/Universal label. If you find yourself infatuated –join the growing picket line of rappers and everybody else.

Tell me where your stage name, Miss Issa, came from?

Well, my real name is Issa…

So, you just put ‘Miss' on there. Not all that creative

I was hoping there was some hidden reference to something nasty like… but I digress. You first came to the spotlight when you appeared CW's TLC reality show Are You The One? Let's say it was American Idol, instead. You think you would have a chance with Simon?
Do I think I have a chance with Simon?

Well, not in that way, unless, well that's your…problem. But, in terms of singing in front of him and being able to, um, take his tongue…lashing?
Oh, definitely. You know…I'm used to being the best singer out there.

You did some work with Playboy and violated the no-clothes policy
Were you disappointed?

Very much so. You already know my next question: Is nudity anywhere in your future?
I…well, you know think [women] are beautiful. I mean I'm pretty confident with my body.

So, for all the hard-working, blue-collar guys, you're sayin there's a chance?
A possibility, yes.

But, this isn't all about your body. Let's get to some of your music. Talk about the album, coming out next week right?
Nah, it's coming out [late] April. It got pushed back.

One of your first songs you ever did was with Fat Joe and you gushed about being recognized by such a popular rapper. I can imagine many rappers gush, if harass, stalk and embrace you with the same excitement
Umm [Laughs] I mean if so and so wants to talk to you, they have their agents contact you. They just react to me. I don't know…I don't really date anybody.

Wow, you're not dating. I've heard that line before
No, trust me.

Any sex tapes floating around that we need to know about before the public finds out?

Tell us already. Well?
I don't think so.

You don't think so? Sounds like another possibility.
I mean I haven't done anything like that, you know [Laughs]

Sure. Just save me a copy. From one production to another, how is the studio process like for you? Do you have people who help write your songs?
Yeah, I have people who co-write with me.

I know there has to be some story of some crazy rapper sacrificing his idea of dignity just for some airtime
Let me think [Laughs]. They've never said anything [of that nature]. They [usually] want to talk more business.

For all the jealous ladies, care to share your magic recipe/work-out routine in maintaining such a statue-esque body? Or is it just cold hard genetics?
Well, I'm part Mexican. [Laughs] You can eat anything: tortilla, rice, beans. Anything! So, no, it takes a lot of hard work [just] like the body builders out there.

So, you're not one of those naturally perfect right-out-the-bed beauties who can chow down half of Mc Donald's Dollar Menu.
I wish I was one of them.

I think you turned out just fine
Oh, thank you

Does it bother you at all that people may never make it past your breasts and ever care to wonder if you can actually sing? Or do you view that as a compliment?
No, because if they ever did…No, it doesn't bother me at all

The question of the century, what do you look for in a guy? Do you have to be ridiculously good looking in order to get a call back from you?
That helps. [Your personality] has to shine through

So, you're trying to tell me the Average Joe from Kansas City has a chance with you?
Not Kansas, but yeah [Laughs]. So…just somebody who knows how to treat [me] right.

You have any special talents? Like playing the piano? Walking around the house naked?
HA! Playing the piano. Umm, just sports

I love basketball. I love football.

Oh really, I'm sure some guys wouldn't mind tackling you.
Well, flag football.

On a Sunday Night, I could catch you watching a San Deigo Chargers game?
Oh no, I was disappointed [Editor's Note: The Chargers were defeated by the Patriots in the most recent playoffs].

Were you?
I was mad. I think it was their egos

Perhaps, if you were a cheerleader on the sideline, the outcome may have been different. Think about it, you could have distracted the other team
If I was [really] mad I probably would have taken the ball into my own hands.

Listen to "Stay Up" by Miss Issa feat. Fat Joe

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