"After coming from a party with a lot of drinks in us, I was performing with my friend--this guy I was dating--while my other friend, a female, was the audience. And then she switched up and became the performer while I was the audience, but I had to be very participatory, 'cause it's not fun if you aren't. It's what makes those situations spicy. He proposed the idea and caught us at the right time. He was lucky that one time because I don't go around sharing my men like that—I'm a jealous person. But it just happened and we went with the flow. I didn't regret it, but she did because he wasn't too well endowed. See, it's all about the motion of the ocean with me, but she wasn't feeling the motion or the ocean. I don't remember too much after everything was done. I had too much liquor in my system. Goddamn alcohol [laughs].” —As told to Sean A. Malcolm