Montana of 300 announced he's suffering from a serious bout with COVID-19 exactly one month after putting up an anti-vax post on social media.

On Wednesday (Dec. 1), the Chicago rhymer, who previously made an Instagram post shaming people who yielded to pressure to get vaccinated, alerted his fans on social media about the sad situation he has found himself in.

"Im fighting pneumonia and Covid rn," he tweeted. "I can’t be a father to my kids, I can’t train my sons in the gym, I can’t attend their games and support them, I can barely walk or talk. Im fighting for my life rn, so y’all bare with me and pray for me. #RapGod."

The following day (Dec. 2), he put up a follow-up tweet in which he appears to stand on his anti-vax viewpoint. "Never made moves out of fear," he typed. "N never hid the truth. Remember that."

It was exactly a month ago from the date of Montana of 300's recent announcement that he posted a strong stance against people who he felt yielded to outside pressures and got vaccinated. "A lot of y'all grown MFs got punked into taking that vaccine," he wrote on Instagram. "Some of y'all sounding just like a lying drug dealer in court...'I only did it for my family.' Nawwww you did it FOR SELF (scared for you)... or some of y'all got treated like a little kid when a parent says, 'Do what I tell you or I'm gonna take away your toys of video game (JOB) and yo ass got scared and obeyed your 'Earthly Master' as the Bible says #grownpunks."

While some fans called out Montana under his recent announcement, pointing to his anti-vax stance, others are siding with the rapper and making the argument that the vaccine is not 100 percent effective.

After releasing his most recent album, Cold Day in Hell, in 2020, Montana was slated to drop his Rap God album on Dec. 2. The date has apparently been pushed back until the rapper is able to get well.

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