NOMINATION: Wilt's Big Black Book
PITCH: When it came to scoring groupie love, Wilt spent almost 50 years as a modern Colossus of Rhodes. Sure, setting over 100 NBA records is impressive and all, but Wilt the Stilt's greatest accomplishment could be his claim of having finessed over 20,000 women (roughly the population of Uniondale, NY). Calculated to an average of 1.2 females a day from age 15 to 63, what's also truly inspiring is that he never accidentally sired a little heir Jordan.

NOMINATION: Bob Marley's Super Sperm
PITCH: Spawning 12 children by age 36, Bob was a human fertility clinic. His offspring are everywhere: Ziggy was the voice of a jellyfish in Shark's Tale, Rohan drove Lauryn Hill berserk, Ky-Mani let the guns blow in Shottas and Damian was cordial enough to welcome us to "Jamrock” last summer. Recent genealogical studies show that by 2035, we'll all be descendents of Tuff Gong.