Teairra Marí's List

"Red Light Special” - TLC

"When you're getting in the mood, a red light is nice. A red light, some candles, roses, all the little romantic stuff.”

"12 Play” - R. Kelly

"12 Play is way, way, way better than foreplay. [Laughs]”

"Sex Me” - R. Kelly

"If you're getting it poppin', you're in the room, ‘Sex Me.' That's what you'd want, I'd assume.”

"Anytime, Anyplace” - Janet Jackson

"That's so sexy. Every element of the song—the lyrics, the feel, the flow, everything—it's just sexy. I love Janet.”

"Share My World” - Mary J. Blige

"That's what you'd want when you like someone and you want to invite them into your life. You want to share each other's world. It's very, very romantic.”


Bobby Valentino's List

"12 Play” - R. Kelly

"That song right there, it's self-explanatory because it gives you the steps, 12 to one. If you follow them steps, you're going in!”

"Let's Get It On” - Marvin Gaye

"That's a classic right there. That's basically getting straight to the point, too. Saying ‘let's get it on.' [A lot of us were] conceived off that. We wouldn't be here without that one.”

"4 Page Letter” - Aaliyah

"I'd probably throw this record on at dinner, or something like that. This record right here is just kind of embracing a woman. That's one of my all-time favorite records—that's the sensitive part of a man.”

"Freek'n You” - Jodeci

"I actually do a little piece of that song at my shows. [The ladies] go crazy. When that comes on, they be wanting to take it off!”

"3 Is The New 2” - Bobby Valentino

"That song is just dwelling on every man's fantasy to be with two women at one time. All men fantasize about that. And the song itself has a real Jodeci feel to it.”—As told to John Kennedy
Teairra Marí's new album, At That Point, hits stores in April. Bobby Valentino's album, The Rebirth, is in stores now.