Pigs In a Blanket

Sparks fly between city slicker Kevin Hill and Billie Jo, a farm girl he meets while visiting his uncle Bob. She takes him back to her barn, and country loving ensues. After her orgasm, Billie Jo says she has a surprise, leaves the room, and comes back with a kinky, whip-loving friend: her pig, Bubba.

I would start it off with the guitar from Nas' "Message," and play that to the part where he meets Billie Jo. When they first start sexing, I'd put on "Not Gonna Get Us" by those lesbian twins from [Russia], t.A.T.u. When Bubba the Pig comes in with the whip, I'd want it to be funny, so I'd play the Pee Wee Herman theme, with those funny horns. Once the whip comes out, I'd play DMX's "Party Up." You know the pig is ready to get it popping!